[p4] Perforce and Visual SourceSafe

Simon Green simon at elixir-studios.co.uk
Mon Oct 15 02:39:12 PDT 2001

>>>>> "DB" == David Bowman <dbowman at nemetschek.net> writes:

 DB> We run two P4 services and four VSS databases on the same server without
 DB> any problems. VSS is just a file based system, there is no server
 DB> component. It just runs over the file sharing services of the server.

 DB> As others have said, there can be some client problems with VSS taking
 DB> over VC++ integration. But re-installing the P4 client fixes this
 DB> (assuming you want P4 to be the default, not VSS).

There's a utility which lets you select the current scc plugin here:


In the past, I've successfully used it to switch between with VSS and Perforce.


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