[p4] Perforce and ClearQuest

sandy currier sandy at releng.com
Mon Oct 15 08:02:00 PDT 2001

Hi all,

We about 50% done with the first pass of a ClearQuest/Perforce
integration.  I was wondering if anyone else has a ClearQuest/Perforce
integration?  It would be interesting to share notes before completing the
rest of the project.

To answer another recent thread, we looked at p4dti and decided, for the
moment, against it.  Our requirements where heavily end-user usage model
based (such
as this ClearQuest pain needs this drop-down list, etc., this web page needs
those links).  Most of the design has to do with configuring ClearQuest and
p4db webpages and not with the sql/job database replication management.

The code to implement the database replication has turned out to be small in
any case
since data is only replicated in one direction and not bi-directionally.
(It may
be ported to p4dti at some point if the need arises.)
Basically, we found that ClearQuest was so rich in features that we gave up
trying to replicate all the data as well as the features in perforce via
jobs.  We just
replicate the major fields, just enough to support the various jobs and
queries in Perforce.  Like wise in the other direction.

Since ClearQuest can be driven from perl from both windows and unix
clients via its own perl API, and since all the clearquest triggers (hooks)
be written in perl as well, the integration is in perl.


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