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Eric Dew ericd at resilience.com
Mon Oct 15 14:15:06 PDT 2001

Unless your depot is tremendously huge, and you've got hundreds of 
developers doing all sorts
of check-ins/checkouts/whatevers, having checkpoint take up to two hours 
indicate that you
should get a faster server.

At a previous company, we used to run our p4d on a WinNT machine. 
 Checkpointing took
hours.  We then moved the stuff to a Sun machine (don't recall the 
model) and checkpointing
dropped down to about 10 minutes.

<Blatant shill for present company>  If you want a really rock-solid 
machine to run your perforce
server, something that isn't going to go down whatsoever, take a look at 
</Blatant shill for present company>

Release Engineer
Resilience Corp

Doug Palmer wrote:

>I'm keen to try the -jj option, but I thought I'd check here for gotchas
>I run p4 admin checkpoint every day at 3:00a. It now takes nearly two hours,
>which of course isn't very good for my uptime stats.
>I think what I want is to change the daily checkpoint to some other
>schedule, perhaps 1/week, and use the "Journal-only; save and truncate
>journal without checkpointing" option every day. This brings a few new steps
>to my recovery plan: Restore from checkpoint, restore from ALL journals
>newer than that checkpoint.
>Have I forgotten anything important?
>Doug Palmer
>MTS, Software Configuration Management
>Mahi Networks, Inc.
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