[p4] p4d -jj

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Mon Oct 15 20:05:56 PDT 2001

At 01:23 PM 10/15/2001 -0700, Jeff A. Bowles wrote:
>At 12:47 PM 10/15/2001 -0700, Doug Palmer wrote:
>>I'm keen to try the -jj option, but I thought I'd check here for gotchas
>>I run p4 admin checkpoint every day at 3:00a. It now takes nearly two hours,
>>which of course isn't very good for my uptime stats.
>>I think what I want is to change the daily checkpoint to some other
>>schedule, perhaps 1/week, and use the "Journal-only; save and truncate
>>journal without checkpointing" option every day. This brings a few new steps
>>to my recovery plan: Restore from checkpoint, restore from ALL journals
>>newer than that checkpoint.
>>Have I forgotten anything important?
>Why not just copy the journal, every day?  That way, your
>journal copies are always relative to the checkpoint...
>         -jab

That doesn't guarantee an atomically consistent journal, does it?

Stephen Vance
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