[p4] Configuring JobView in "New Changelist" dialog

Alain Jacquot AJacquot at GEN.com
Tue Oct 16 10:18:55 PDT 2001

When you set the JobView in the Perforce User Specification (Example:
"owner=myname"), the list of jobs that matches the JovView is displayed in
the "New Changelist" dialog in the Windows client.

However, I can only get it to display the "Job" field, which is meaningless
in my case since I use the TeamShare integration with P4DTI, and the name of
the job is in the "Title" field.

Is there any way to configure the Windows client to add the job "Title" to
the "New Changelist" dialog?
(I would imagine that it should be possible since when you click on <Editor>
in that dialog, you do get them...)


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