[p4] Split part of perforce depot to a new server

Chan, Eddie eddie.chan at cacheflow.com
Tue Oct 16 16:33:11 PDT 2001


I need to split part of depot (some directories/branches) to a new server
and preserve as much metadata as possible. Then I need to remove(obliterate)
those directories once the split is done. Is there a tool that will do the

I couldn't copy the depot to a new server and then obliterate the stuff I
don't want. The obliterate will take quite long to finish.

I am thinking of converting those depot directories/branches to csv and then
convert the cvs back to the new server. Would it be possbile? Where can I
find the tool? What are the potential problems?

The obliterate process is expensive. Do we have other alternative that works
like obliterate?


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