[p4] Branching in one direction only?

Kendall Bennett KendallB at scitechsoft.com
Wed Oct 17 11:06:39 PDT 2001

Hi Guys,

We have use Perforce to bring in code from CVS archives that we 
actively contribute to. The problem I am having is that I need to 
find a way to be able to branch a file on direction from the CVS tree 
into our main development tree, but not the other way around. The CVS 
tree contains a 'setup0.h' header file that contains #define's that 
control the build system and is constantly modified by the core 
developers. People compiling this code are expected to manually copy 
the setup0.h file to setup.h and make any local modifications. 

Of course it becomes a nightmare maintaining this, so we have a 
branch set up such that it branches their active setup0.h into our 
local setup.h file. That way when we bring over new updates from the 
CVS tree, their changes will be automatically merged into our local 
setup.h file, while still maintaining our local modifications.

But the problem is every time we submit code *back* to the CVS branch 
and then into the CVS repository, we need to manually remember to 
revert any changes going back into the CVS setup0.h file. Hence I am 
trying to find a way to tell Perforce to allow me to branch the file 
*from* the CVS branch into the main branch but not *to* the CVS 
branch. Is that possible at all?


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