[p4] Branching and ClientSpecs

Gareth Rees gdr at ravenbrook.com
Fri Oct 19 04:53:29 PDT 2001

Two corrections:

At 11:48 +0100 2001-10-19, Gareth Rees wrote:
>Create a branch specification like this:
>     //depot/project/FOO/... //depot/project/FOO/main/...
>     -//depot/project/FOO/main/... -//depot/project/FOO/main/main/...

The second - sign in the second line is wrong.

>   3. Edit the .dsw and .dsp files in a text editor so that they 
>contain only relative pathnames (I know it says ** DO NOT EDIT ** at 
>the top of these files, but in fact you can experiment with them in 
>the knowledge that you can always p4 revert them if things go 
>wrong). Then they will work from any directory, so you can just sync 
>the whole of //depot/project/FOO/... and work on the branch or 
>branches of your choice.

I forgot to list the disadvantages to this approach.  Disadvantages: 
if you often change the project in Developer Studio then you have to 
edit the project files by hand equally often.  It's possible to get 
the edits wrong and make a mess of the project files.  Sometimes 
Developer Studio will decide to recreate the whole project file, in 
which case you have to edit it back into shape again.  So this 
approach is probably best suited to small projects, or projects which 
you don't often change.

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