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Yes, you will need a demo license to test this many users. Just request one
from support at perforce.com.

The quickstart may be mis-leading you somehow because the client and server
are definitely not on the same machine. All you have to do is install the
client on each machine and enter the IP and port for the server when it asks
for it during the install.

It order to work disconnected, your users are going to have to take some
extra steps because Perforce is designed with the assumption that you will
normally be connected. See technote:


Also, there are some products that are designed specifically for users who
work in a distributed and sometimes disconnected environment that you may
want to look at. One that I ran across recently was BitKeeper. You can find
more info. on them at www.bitkeeper.com. I can't say how well the product
actually works though because I never tried it, I only read about it.


Russell C. Jackson
rcjackson at alum.atu.edu

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Hi all,

Please excuse the real basic nature of these questions, but I
was unable to grok the user guides for answers to this issue.

I want to evaluate Perforce for smaller groups of mobile users
and a typical setup would consist of a central Windows 2000 Server
machine hosting the depot and users connecting to this depot
over the LAN or via Dialup to co and ci files. The users do
most of their work on thir laptops in a disconnected mode.

How can this be set up? Do I need to get a demo license to set this
up on a trial basis? The quickstart user guides seem to assume that
the client and server are on the same host.

Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated.


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