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======== Perforce Public Depot News - October 19, 2001

==== Introduction

Greetings! As some readers of perforce-user are already aware,
Perforce Software now has a full-time employee in the role of "Open
Source Engineer".

That's me, Richard Geiger. I join Perforce having previously been a
Perforce administrator at a sizable Perforce customer, and one of the
many who have contributed open source software to the Public Depot in
the past.

I view this as a real recognition by the company that Perforce
benefits greatly from contributed software, and by having Perforce
being as much an "open platform" as we can make it.

There are many facets to my new job. It includes the care and
cultivation of the Public Depot as a means for people both to
contribute to the body of Perforce-related, open source tools, and as
a means for users to find and get to them.

I'll also be working to advance the use of Perforce as an SCM platform
for Open Source development efforts in general. (Perforce provides
Perforce server licenses free of charge to qualified Open Source
development efforts).

Since part of my job is to "evangelize" about the Perforce Public
Depot, and to keep people updated about developments in the Public
Depot, we've decided to try postings to this mailing list from time to
time. This is a bit of a departure, since Perforce has always wanted
"perforce-user" to be, first an foremost, a forum for users - and not
a vehicle for marketing our products. (But yes, we _do_ read the list
avidly!). If anyone feels that messages such as this diminishes the
usefulness of perforce-user, please let me know.

==== What Is This Public Depot Thing Anyway?

It's likely that some people subscribed to this list don't already
know about the Perforce Public Depot. In a nutshell, it's a Perforce
server, accessible form the Internet ($P4PORT
public.perforce.com:1666), run by Perforce Software as a means for
individuals and groups to develop, maintain, and distribute Open
Source tools (most of these are related to Perforce, but not all) You
can access the Public Depot using any Perforce client software
(including the standard client programs available from Perforce for

For more information about the Public Depot, see


==== Recently Added Projects & Curators

Within the past couple of months, some new projects have been added to
the //public area of the Public Depot, along with some new curators.

These include

  The Cadence-Perforce Integration, Shiv Sikand, curator

  Perforce module for Apache, Steve Vance, (new curator)

  The JBuilder-Perforce Opentool Integration, David Freels, curator

==== Public Depot Now Has a Notification Review Daemon

There's now a review daemon running for the Public Depot.  This allows
you to "subscribe" (at your choice) to receive email notifications of
changes submitted to the Public Depot, by setting the Reviews: field
in your Public Depot User Specification. This can be a good way to
"watch" as much or as little of the Public Depot content as you
wish. You can, for example, set up reviews on particular projects, so
as to be notified when news releases are made of a particular package.

If you're going to use this capability, and you're not already a
registered user, you'll probably want to become one, to insure that
your User Specification (which contains your Reviews: "subscription
list", will be preserved. (We remove old User Specs for unregistered
users from time to time).

For more information on using the Public Depot review daemon, please


For more information on becoming a registered Public Depot User,


==== What's Next?

That's going to largely be up to you, in the Perforce user
community. I've got loads of ideas about how to improve the Public
Depot in general, for improvements to existing tools, and for new
projects that could be built. But the real potential of the Public
Depot lies in tapping the creative energies of all of you.

So I'd love to hear from you on all these topics (or, of course, and
related questions!) Email me at

  opensource at perforce.com

===== Last, But Not Least, Thanks Laura...

Finally, I want to gratefully acknowledge Laura Wingerd at Perforce
Software, who's work has been so important to establishing the Public
Depot in the first place, and in getting it to where it is now. It is
a pleasure jump in and add to what you've started so well!

And thanks to all of you who have contributed till now, or are
considering doing so in the future,

  Richard Geiger
  Open Source Engineer at Perforce

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