[p4] How to handle refactoring ?

Tal Dayan tal at zapta.com
Sun Oct 21 18:13:36 PDT 2001


We are using IDEA as a Java IDE and as a refactoring tool
and are not sure how to use Perforce for best results.

Here is an example, we have a class /a/b/class1.java checked in Perforce.
Now we use the Refactoring tool to rename the class from 'class1' to
'class2. IDEA
deletes class1.java, creates class2.java and changes the source code of
to reflect the name change (e.g. it renames the constructors).

At this point, the file class1.java is gone and the file class2.java
contains the
modified code.

Now we want to check this change back into Perforce such that we don't loose
the history relation between class1 and class2 (that is, 'p4 integrate').

Any idea how to handle this ?



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