[p4] Tuning FreeBSD to run a Perforce server

Nick Barnes Nick.Barnes at pobox.com
Mon Oct 22 05:31:33 PDT 2001

Does anyone have any particular recommendations for tuning FreeBSD for
use as a Perforce server?  Our experiences have been generally good,
but I wonder whether it would be even better if I tweak some sysctls
(e.g. for the buffer cache, to encourage it to keep db.have in

- FreeBSD 3.4 (planning upgrade to 4.4)
- Celeron 466,
- 384 MB RAM, 
- 110 MB db.have
- 7 users
- 34 clients
- 91017 virtual files (p4 files //... | wc -l)
- 69338 actual files (find repository/depot -type f -print | wc -l)

Nick Barnes
Ravenbrook Limited

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