[p4] Use "workspace" instead of "client"

Paul C. Pharr pharr at nemetschek.net
Mon Oct 22 17:51:44 PDT 2001

>It would make p4 *way* easier to manage and teach if the terminology were
>less confusing. The concepts are fairly standard, yet the terms are not.

I think one of the biggest terminology problems is the lack of consistency 
between the various user interfaces. If you look at P4Win, P4Web, the 
command line, and the IDE plug-ins for MSVC and Metrowerks, there are 
numerous completely different ways of describing the same thing. The 
terminology for resolving is so different that we have a web page we use as 
a cross reference for our engineers who must use many of the tools on 
different platforms. The situation is so consistently confusing it's almost 

I can understand how this happens watching our own software grow from one 
platform to another, but it seems that at least as far as the GUIs are 
concerned that the terminology could be identical.

Paul C. Pharr
CAD Software Manager
Nemetschek North America

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