[p4] terminology: "yours" and "theirs" in resolve

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Tue Oct 23 02:41:54 PDT 2001

Well the problem with changing terminology is that you need to come up with
new names with appropriate single letter flags which are not currently in
use (to avoid backwards compatibility problems).

One of the issues is that yours/their makes sense in the standard conflict
scenario. The problem is that they do not make sense when propagating
changes between codelines.

I would almost prefer a "p4 propagate" command with associated "p4 merge"
maybe (although I don't like this word as it already suggests the outcome to
be a merge where as it needn't be), and leave the current "resolve" command
alone to be used in the conflict scenario only.

On the first problem, an integrate between codelines has a direction. So how
about "origin" and "destination". These give the obvious flags "o" and "d"
which are different to "t" and "y" which would become deprecated (or with a
different command). So flags -at would become -ao, -ay becomes -ad etc. Or

resolve -at -> merge -ao
resolve -ay -> merge -ad


The other combinations I came up with such as source/target or similar had
the problem of having an already used letter as abbreviation.

So I am proposing 2 things, which could be independent or combined:
1. yours/theirs -> destination/origin
2. integrate/resolve -> propagate/merge

As someone mentioned at the conference, "resolve -at" is in fact the
equivalent of saying "overwrite" which could be "resolve -ao", and
"resolve -ay" is the equivalent of saying "discard" which is "resolve -ad".
(I am getting msyelf confused here - do I have these the right way round -
more coffee needed.....)

Any other thoughts....?

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> >So suggestions please....
> What about with "local file" and "depot file"?
> Jörg
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