[p4] Graphical branch view?

Tyler, Tom Tom.Tyler at Monster.com
Tue Oct 23 08:08:08 PDT 2001

 If you are in a work setting in which you can install games onto your
computer, then a
 solution is available for Windows.  P4HL gives you just what you want, a
graphical way
 to view branch/file histories.  Sam Stafford demo'd this at the Perforce
Conference a few
 weeks ago, and just released it via the Perforce Announcements mail list.
You can get
 it from the Perforce public depot in the //guest/sam_stafford/p4hl tree.
It is not officially
 supported software, but Sam indicated in his announcement that he was open
 It's pretty cool.  It uses the graphics engine of the 'Half Life' game, so
you have to
 install the game on your computer to use P4HL.  (Hence, P4HL = P4 Half
Life).  The
 primary drawbacks are 1) It is a Windows only solution, and 2) users in
 where it is either awkward or disallowed to install games on systems won't
be able
 to use it w/o looking over their shoulders...
 I don't know if they're officially planning to put more effort into this or
not.  Several
 people at the Perforce Conference lobbied Perforce to focus more effort in
 direction of graphical viewers.  I think they got the hint, but if there
are more of you that
 believe graphical branch history viewing is more than just a 'nice to
have', be sure to
 let them know!  Kudos to Sam Stafford at Perforce for getting this started!
 Also, if anyone else is working on a graphical branch/file history viewer,
let us know
 about it!
- Tom

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I searched the perforce site, but could not find an conclusive answer to
Is there any way (3rd party if need be) to graphically view branch/file
history?  If not, is this planned for Perforce.
Thank you.

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