[p4] Client for many users

Chuck Karish karish at well.com
Tue Oct 23 08:41:50 PDT 2001

At 08:20 AM 10/23/2001 +0200, Gilad Benjamini wrote:
>In our lab we have a machine which may be used by different developers.
>The machine should hold only one source tree, hence, one Perforce client,
>owned by one Perforce user.
>The machine is mostly for testing, but from time to time code is changed 
>and submitted on that machine.
>How can I make the submitted changes belong to a specific user ?

Don't do it.  Give the test user read-only access to the source tree
and make sure that "clobber" is on in the test user's client specs. 
Once you enable development on the test machine your tests will be
plagued by open files on the test machine that interfere with syncs.

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