[p4] terminology: "yours" and "theirs" in resolve

Rick Macdonald rickm at vsl.com
Tue Oct 23 09:01:37 PDT 2001

I received this email not copied to the list:

> "Yours" is always the workspace file.  In resolving integrations, the
> workspace file is the target file (so "resolve -ay" always accepts the
> target file), and in resolves of conflicting edits, the workspace file
> is the one you were working on (hence "yours").

I missed pointing out in my original post that resolving a file open for
edit is seemingly different from resolving an integration between
codelines. In the first case, "yours" is kinda OK since it is my workspace
file.  In the latter case, both the source and target are depot files and
there is no workspace file (before the integration starts). Sometimes both
codelines are _mine_ ("yours")! I see now (as stated in the second
sentence quoted above) that the integration opens the target file to
become the result of the resolve/merge, and now this file is open in my
workspace and can then be contrued as mine ("yours").

I think I am seeing confirmation that "yours" is always the "target" or
"destination", which is what I convinced myself to keep from going crazy.
You can also say that "yours" is always the file that is being updated in
your workspace. However, I still always have to eyeball the diffs just to
make sure (as another has said).

I think source/target or origin/destination are more clear than
theirs/yours. Showing the base/source/target repeatedly in the prompts
would sure help a lot.

Jorg said:

> What about with "local file" and "depot file"?

Like "yours" and "theirs", local and depot initially have no meaning
when you are integrating from one codeline to another because _both_
are depot files! The target file is opened for you and then becomes
"local" in that sense, but it's all so confusing.


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