[p4] Use "workspace" instead of "client"

Steven Bennett bennett at jmisoftware.com
Tue Oct 23 09:35:34 PDT 2001

I'd have to say that we should stick with the term client.  Workspace 
isn't much better, as the problem isn't in the term, it's in how it's 
used.   As several people pointed out, "client" as a noun is the 
confusing aspect -- it really ought to only be used as an adjective -- 
"client specification", "client view", etc.  That's pretty clear, and 
the docs follow that most of the time.

The area for the real confusion lies in the use of it as a command on 
the command line, as in "p4 client" and "p4 clients", where the term is 
effectively treated as a noun or a verb.  I've also seen confusion with 
"p4 branch", "p4 branches", "p4 change", "p4 changes", and a whole lot 
of other commands that refer to lists and specifications by the just the 
adjective describing them, and that's where the confusion pops in.  
Interestingly, our P4Win users have much less confusion on any of these 
issues, probably because the terms there mostly are used correctly.

If I thought this needed fixing (I'm not convinced), and wanted to avoid 
as much confusion as possible, then I'd be looking to change those 
command names to something clear like "p4 editclientspec" and "p4 
listclientspecs".  For people who think that's too long, just "p4 
clientspec" and "p4 clientspecs" is a bit shorter and less obvious, but 
still much more clear than what we have now.

-->Steve Bennett

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