[p4] Re: "yours" and "theirs" in resolve Date: Tue, 23 Oct 20Re: "yours" and "theirs" in resolve

Robert Prentice prentice at fsl.noaa.gov
Tue Oct 23 09:43:09 PDT 2001

The problem with 'yours' and 'theirs' is that a developer's point of view
depending on whether they are merging into a particular branch, or back into
from that branch. While I think the intent is that 'target file' always equals
this can be confusing. In our own homegrown system we used the terms 'receiving
to denote the file 'receiving a merge' and 'incoming file' to denote the file
'merged into' the receiving file. This seems to always be clear, given that the 
receiving file is the one into which the merged revision is placed.

With regard to the workspace vs. client issue... I have found that using
terminology is fundamental to helping people use a system in the way it is
to be used. This will lead both Perforce and its customers to greater success.

I think it is pretty clear that everyone knows what a workspace is. Client is
an overused term in the industry that it can mean different things to different
people. I suggest, as a start, dropping the client adjective from things that
do not need it. All workspaces are client workspaces in perforce, for example,
so just call them workspaces. The fundamental client/server relationship between
p4-like processes and p4d in perforce would lead one to try to reserve the term
client for p4 (and p4win...). The client operates on a current workspace.
This much seems clear. Whether you call the meta-data client specifications
or workspace specifications does not much matter, as long as you are consistent.

I hope this helps. I am currently evaluating Perforce, and it appears to be a
great product. Thanks to you all for your great advice and assistance on this 
mailing list. 
...Rob Prentice  <prentice at fsl.noaa.gov>

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