[p4] Use "workspace" instead of "client"

Rick Macdonald rickm at vsl.com
Tue Oct 23 10:01:09 PDT 2001

On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, Ken Rice wrote:

> At 11:13 AM -0400 10/23/01, Chris Patti wrote:
> >I have never, ever encountered the term 'sandbox' being used as 
> >anything other than the local directory/area where developers work 
> >on files that are checked in/out from source control.
> >
> >If you can find an instance of someone using it otherwise, I'd be 
> >pleased to see it.
> When we first switched our project over to perforce, we set up a 
> sandbox depot as a place for people to mess around with different 
> perforce commands without worrying about messing up the real depot. 

> Sandbox is not a good term for client workspace.

I agree, especially because you have "client workspaces" where you build
the mainline and actual releases. These should not be called sandboxes!
Sandboxes are for scratching around in, as a cat in a litter box (sorry -
couldn't resist) and implies "messing around" and perhaps even
"throw-away". Not a universal term that applies to the workspace where you
build your release.


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