[p4] terminology: "yours" and "theirs" in resolve

Rick Macdonald rickm at vsl.com
Tue Oct 23 10:18:08 PDT 2001

The funny thing about all this is that Perforce doc such as "p4 help
integrate" and the p4win GUI both use the terms "source" and "target".
There are references to "sync target files first" and "source revision
range". Sometimes these are referred to as "from" and "to" files but more
often source and target.
I really think that source/target are the best words to use but as pointed
out, it's not easy to change command line flags from -ay and -at to -at
and -as since these already exist in resolve. 

Perhaps if the word "accept" was changed to "keep", then the flags could
be -ks and -kt (keep source and keep target)...
Hey - don't laugh (or groan)! Look at the p4 doc for resolve. The
descriptions for the "accept" options say "keep"!
             at              Keep only changes to their file.
             ay              Keep only changes to your file.
           * am              Keep merged file.
           * a               Keep autoselected file.

So, the new options that don't conflict with the existing options would
             ks              Keep only changes to source file.   
             kt              Keep only changes to target file.
           * km              Keep merged file.
           * k               Keep autoselected file.

That's a tough one to argue against, if I do say so myself!  ;-)


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