[p4] Merging files between files that are two branches away

Chan, Eddie eddie.chan at cacheflow.com
Tue Oct 23 10:23:00 PDT 2001


Currently we need to do some files merging between two branches away. From
p4's perspective, this is not a desired way of doing. The merge will be
baseless and it make the merge very difficult and error prone. 

Some one told me that there is a new feature in p4 to do this kind of merge
by establishing a merging relationship between two branches that are more
than a branch away.

Here is the conclusion he made...

For each branch that is more than one branch away, first a baseless merge
merge is performed and ALL files in the source tree must be checked into the
target branch, despite them having no difference to previous version (i.e
thousands of files are checked in). This means that branches would have an
extra revison for each file, on their respective branches to serve as the
new base for subsequent merges. From this point on, merges behave the same
as if they were one branch away.

I don't see any documentation describing this and wonder if this is true.
Please comment?


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