[p4] Renaming the "closed" job state

Alain Jacquot AJacquot at GEN.com
Wed Oct 24 07:17:26 PDT 2001

We are using the TeamShare integration to track issues, and the "closed"
state of Perforce is mapped to the "Resolved" state of TeamShare.

It works Ok except that:
1) It is somewhat confusing
2) Sometimes the synch between the two products hiccups and we end up with a
"resolved" state in Perforce, which chokes the whole system (i.e. nothing
gets synched after that)

I would like to rename the "closed" state in Perforce to "Resolved" or
"resolved" (not sure the CAPS matter), thus having 1-to-1 mapping between
the Perforce states and the TeamShare states.

Any suggestions on how I can do that?


Alain Jacquot
VP, Technology
Global Education Network
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New York, NY  10019
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