[p4] Use "workspace" instead of "client"

Ines Heinz iheinz at llnl.gov
Tue Oct 23 08:54:22 PDT 2001

In my work, we give each of the developers a branch that contains all 
the files in the main branch. This allows them to work on the files 
via p4 edit/submit/sync/whatever without messing up the main branch. 
It also allows them to have multiple clients (for development on 
different architectures) which can be thought of a their local 
directory sandboxes.  We call that branch their sandbox.


At 11:33 AM -0400 10/23/01, Chris Patti wrote:
>At 10:27 AM 10/23/2001 -0500, Dave Lewis wrote:
>>   >
>>   > I have never, ever encountered the term 'sandbox' being used as anything
>>   > other than the local directory/area where developers work on 
>>files that are
>>   > checked in/out from source control.
>>   >
>>   > If you can find an instance of someone using it otherwise, I'd be pleased
>>   > to see it.
>>   >
>>   > Thanks!
>>   >
>>   > -Chris
>>Here you go! This server has a top level depot called "SANDBOX"!
>>$ p4 dirs '//*'
>OK that makes *no* sense to me, but hey YMMV :)
>I stand corrected and withdraw my suggestion.
>(I'll still always call the area the developer works in their 
>'sandbox' but that doesn't mean Perforce needs to adopt that 
>terminology :)
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