[p4] Bug Tracking Systems and Perforce?

Steve Smythe ssmythe at docent.com
Wed Oct 24 13:32:16 PDT 2001

Since many of you have your favorite bug tracking system (and lots
of experiences and stories with them), if you could please email me
what products you use and any stories (if any) you would like to share,
please email me at:
    ssmythe at docent.com <mailto:ssmythe at docent.com> 
I've taken over the evaluation of our new bug tracking tool.
Vendors, please feel free to contact me directly.
Thank you again for your help and support!


Steve Smythe
Sr. CM Engineer
ssmythe at docent.com <mailto:ssmythe at docent.com> 
Docent, Inc.
2444 Charleston Road
Mountain View, CA 94042-1622
http://www.docent.com <http://www.docent.com/> 

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