[p4] DevTrack and Perforce

Yariv Sheizaf yariv at Globecom-Interactive.com
Thu Oct 25 00:25:24 PDT 2001


We use DevTrack 4.2, integarted with Perforce 2001.1 .
DevTrack has a built-in integartion module to Perforce.

The configuration takes about 10 minutes per DevTrack project (=  Perforce
official version branch),
and another half hour for global connection.

Except for one "disappeared" check-box in the main configuration screen of
DevTrack administration system,
it was very easy.

The Perforce configuration (p4 jobspec setup) is quick and intuitive.

I recommend on DevTrack <-> Perforce integration if you have both tools.

But: I think that "P4 jobs" enables a good task tracking solution. If you
have NOT any taskTracker yet -
       configure "P4 jobs" and do everything with it !!!! 

Yariv Sheizaf
Infrastructure & Integration Manager
Globecom Interactive

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