[p4] DevTrack and Perforce

Jeremy Russell jrussel at reshape.com
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I know that Perforce is working on P4SQL to use for queries against the
databases.  They did demos of it at the User's Conference.  They said
something about using the query language with Crystal Reports.  So...the
reporting mechanism is getting there.

I am looking at Sesame's ExtraView as a tool and it looks very cool,
especially since their API to the tool is Perl based.  It is also
multiplatform, has a command line and is easy to integrate with Perforce.
They claim to have a Perforce integration, but I do consider what they have
to be an integration.  I am hoping to push them to a more complete

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Paul Goffin <PGoffin at baltimore.com> writes:
> The problem with p4 jobs is that it has no security whatsoever.

It also doesn't have the reporting capability that PHBs love :)
Unless you're willing to write them yourself.
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