[p4] DevTrack and Perforce

Robert Prentice prentice at fsl.noaa.gov
Thu Oct 25 11:20:38 PDT 2001

I am currently evaluating the Perforce/ExtraView combination.
It looks fantastic. We have used PVCS in the past, which comes
with a full-fledged change tracking system. ExtraView offers a
very nice combination of appropriate features, web accessibility
(Unix, Linux, Windows...), and complete, group-based customizability.

I am just starting to look at the details of the Perforce/ExtraView 
integration, and would enjoy hearing about any discoveries you make
regarding its effectiveness.

...Rob Prentice  <prentice at fsl.noaa.gov>
Systems Research Group
contracted to the Forecast Systems Laboratory
Boulder, Colorado

Jeremy Russell wrote:

> I am looking at Sesame's ExtraView as a tool and it looks very cool,
> especially since their API to the tool is Perl based.  It is also
> multiplatform, has a command line and is easy to integrate with Perforce.
> They claim to have a Perforce integration, but I do consider what they have
> to be an integration.  I am hoping to push them to a more complete
> integration.

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