[p4] Accessing perforce public depot from behind a firewall

Arnt Gulbrandsen arnt at gulbrandsen.priv.no
Fri Oct 26 04:40:44 PDT 2001

Chris Forman <ChrisF at csl.com>
> I would like to be able to access the public perforce depot
> (public.perforce.com:1666), but I'm sitting behind a firewall that won't let
> me out (I can't even ping external sites).  Web browsing and mail goes
> through a proxy server - so is there any way I can tell p4win (or even p4
> command line) to go through the proxy server as well?

If the firewall can be configured to allow random TCP streams through, you
should be okay.

Some firewalls can be configured to forward e.g. port 12212 on the
firewall to e.g. port 1666 on public.perforce.com. If yours can, do that
and point the p4 client to yourfirewall:12212.

If yours can't do even that, I say it sucks.


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