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Alain Jacquot AJacquot at GEN.com
Fri Oct 26 07:20:08 PDT 2001

We are using Perforce with TeamShare's tTrack.
It's a nice integration for us, because we rely heavily on tTrack's issue
workflow, and now we have tTrack issues synched to Perforce jobs.
This means that a developer can "close" and issue in Perforce, automatically
closing it in tTrack and thus sending the issue to QA (or executing whatever
rules your workflow dictates).
I have been using tTrack for a few years now, and I am very ahppy with it,
mostly because:
1) Web-based
2) Very powerful workflow tools
3) Ease of use even for non techies (we get all our bugs and change requests
through tTrack)
4) Great reporting tools
5) All fields customizable
6) Other good integrations: Mercury Interactive & Microsoft Project
The P4DTI integration is good but I had a few hiccups at the beginning, like
some issues not synching. The good news is that it's easy to spot and easy
to fix (usually just delete the "trouble" issue in Perforce). The bad thing
is that you cannot really set it up and forget it... but then again what is?
But even with that caveat, I would still recommend it. 
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Since many of you have your favorite bug tracking system (and lots
of experiences and stories with them), if you could please email me
what products you use and any stories (if any) you would like to share,
please email me at:
    ssmythe at docent.com <mailto:ssmythe at docent.com> 
I've taken over the evaluation of our new bug tracking tool.
Vendors, please feel free to contact me directly.
Thank you again for your help and support!


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