[p4] questions about PVCS to Perforce Conversion Tool

Chris Beaudette cbeaudette at opus2.com
Fri Oct 26 08:45:25 PDT 2001


i'm posting this for the 2nd time:  1st time was as a non-subscriber, but it
never came thru.  apologies if this gets posted twice...

my company is considering converting from PVCS to Perforce.  a key factor in
that decision is how well the PVCS archives can be converted to Perforce

the "PVCS to Perforce Conversion Tool" paragraph on the "Perforce Supporting
Programs" downloads page says that the tool "preserves the original times
and authors. Labelled branches are converted into branched directories, and
individual file revisions are grouped as much as possible into Perforce's
notion of atomic changes."

1.  has anyone out there successfully converted PVCS archives to Perforce
archives, using either the tool mentioned above or any other method?

2.  if using the tool from Perforce, is there anything in particular i
should look out for?

3.  does the Perforce conversion tool retain "non-floating" labels?  i
assume that when they say "Labelled branches are converted into branched
directories", they mean that any branches defined by a floating label are
converted to distinct, separate directories in Perforce (which is fine).
but what of non-floating labels?  are they retained?

4.  i assume again (hopefully correctly) that what is meant by "individual
file revisions are grouped as much as possible into Perforce's notion of
atomic changes" simply means that PVCS revs are retained in Perforce, given
the notion that Perforce may use a different mechanism ("atomic changes")
than PVCS.  is this assumption correct?  has anyone that has used the
Perforce conversion tool run into any serious problems when converting PVCS
revs to Perforce revs?

that's all for now.

thx much,
Chris Beaudette
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