[p4] questions about PVCS to Perforce Conversion Tool

Chris Patti cpatti at atg.com
Fri Oct 26 10:11:31 PDT 2001

At 11:45 AM 10/26/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>i'm posting this for the 2nd time:  1st time was as a non-subscriber, but 
>it never came thru.  apologies if this gets posted twice...

There may be noone on the list (is the PVCS converter's author even on the 
list?) who's done that type of conversion before.

When we did our CVS -> Perforce conversion, we weren't the first to do this 
kind of thing but I think our CVS tree was much, much bigger and more 
densely complex (branches etc) than at the very least most folks had 
previously tackled.

So I have a couple of general suggestions for you in the hopes that you can 
learn from some of our more painful mistakes :)

1) Get an end to end conversion working quickly.  Set up a QA conversion 
area with a small subset of your full PVCS depot to convert, and then 
examine the resultant Perforce depot carefully, ensuring that everything 
gets converted the way you want it to.  This might also be the ONLY way to 
really evaluate the converter for your company's needs,  The proof's in the 
pudding after all :)

2) Follow the instructions *very* carefully :) We got tripped by a couple 
of things that were in fact enumerated in the doco if we'd just read it 
more carefully than we did (and we thought we had :)

3) Plan for the conversion to take a while - not just the conversion itself 
but all the fallout and environmental setup that goes along with it.

Good luck!


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