[p4] Regarding P4 and REMEDY/other Bug-tacking tools

Shruti Madan shruti at lanterncom.com
Fri Oct 26 12:24:05 PDT 2001


We are currently using REMEDY as our bug-tacking system and P4 as our CM

Need to have an integrated CM and Bug-base system. 

Thus, our requirements in the order of priority are as follows :-

1) P4 integration with REMEDY
	- has anybody done that yet?
		- if yes, great...would like to do the same.
		- if no, shall we all REMEDY and P4 users get together and
estimate how much effort is required and how we could make it happen?

2) P4 integration with other tools present in the market

Comparative chart with all pros and cons of each so that we could evaluate
as to whcih is most cost-effective and closer to our company's needs.

Because if, we realize that P4 integration with REMEDY is too expensive and
too effort-intensive ..may think on the lines of implementing 
some other more cost-effective solution.

Direct vendors also please feel free to contact us for evalaution/demo.


Configuration Management & Tools Lead,
Lantern Communications,
San Jose.

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