[p4] Filetypes and modifiers

Robert Duff rduff at rim.net
Fri Oct 26 13:43:09 PDT 2001


I have a bit of a dilemma...  In a nightly build script, files are
submitted.  However, only one revision of some of these files need to be
kept -- no problem, I just have to use the +S filetype modifier.  However,
we're not always sure if these are going to be text files or binary files,
nor if they are going to have any other modifiers already applied to them.
My question is, how can I script this?  Is there something like a 'default'
filetype or anything like that?  For example, instead of typing

p4 edit -t binary+S /pathname/filename1
p4 edit -t text+S /pathname/filename2

could I type something like this?

p4 edit -t default+S /pathname/filename1
p4 edit -t default+S /pathname/filename2

Is there any easy way (without gobs of scripting) to simply add the +S
modifier when you check it out for edit (or reopen)?

Thanks in advance,


Robert Duff, Software Engineering Services, Research In Motion

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