[p4] Filetypes and modifiers

Dave Lewis dlewis at vignette.com
Fri Oct 26 14:32:21 PDT 2001

  > Hello,
  > I have a bit of a dilemma...  In a nightly build script, files are
  > submitted.  However, only one revision of some of these files need to be
  > kept -- no problem, I just have to use the +S filetype modifier.  However,
  > we're not always sure if these are going to be text files or binary files,
  > nor if they are going to have any other modifiers already applied to them.
  > My question is, how can I script this?  Is there something like a 'default'
  > filetype or anything like that?  For example, instead of typing
  > p4 edit -t binary+S /pathname/filename1
  > p4 edit -t text+S /pathname/filename2
  > could I type something like this?
  > p4 edit -t default+S /pathname/filename1
  > p4 edit -t default+S /pathname/filename2
  > Is there any easy way (without gobs of scripting) to simply add the +S
  > modifier when you check it out for edit (or reopen)?

Well, it wasn't a lot of scripting, but what I did was get
a list from p4 opened and then use the filetype that is
specified for each one to do the correct reopen with +S
added.  generally, you only have to do it for adds.

it looked something like this in perl:

	# we will match against lines like:
	#//depot/users/dlewis/scripts/perl#1 - add default change (xbinary)

	($filetype=$file) =~ s:^//.*#\d+\s-\sadd\s.*\(([^\)]+)\)$:$1:;
	$file =~ s:^(.*)#\d+.*:$1:;   # need actual name of file, depot path will do!


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