[p4] Code Management Tool

Matt W. matt at cylutions.com
Fri Oct 26 18:27:41 PDT 2001

Anyone know of a code management tool (or will Perforce be able to do this effectively??)  that can be used to organize reusable code (whole components, functions, and simple script pieces) throughout multiple developer networked enviroment?  Preferably have integrated access rights/configurations per developer. In a sense, something like the SCM concept but geared toward reusable source code as opposed to projects as a whole.

I'd like to "centralize" our internal code library; to eliminate the "I know I have it, I just have to find it" scenario company wide.

I haven't researched Perforce's ability to manage code very deep yet, just trying to figure out if it's even along the same lines as what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your help!

Matt W.
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