[p4] questions about PVCS to Perforce Conversion Tool

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Sat Oct 27 14:16:54 PDT 2001

I can't help you much specifically with PVCS.  However, I think I've seen 
that the VCP tool is in the process of adding PVCS support, so there may be 
another avenue.  Take a look at the archives of this and the revml lists to 
dig deeper, and consider direct e-mail to Barry Slaymaker for a status check.

On #4:

PVCS revs are definitely maintained.  What the quote refers to is that PVCS 
revs that can be determined to have been submitted together (usually by the 
same comment and/or date/time in some of the conversion tools) are grouped 
into a changelist.  A changelist is a group of file revisions that are 
submitted together and atomically to the depot/repository.

At 11:45 AM 10/26/2001 -0400, Chris Beaudette wrote:
>i'm posting this for the 2nd time:  1st time was as a non-subscriber, but 
>it never came thru.  apologies if this gets posted twice...
>my company is considering converting from PVCS to Perforce.  a key factor 
>in that decision is how well the PVCS archives can be converted to 
>Perforce archives.
>the "PVCS to Perforce Conversion Tool" paragraph on the "Perforce 
>Supporting Programs" downloads page says that the tool "preserves the 
>original times and authors. Labelled branches are converted into branched 
>directories, and individual file revisions are grouped as much as possible 
>into Perforce's notion of atomic changes."
>1.  has anyone out there successfully converted PVCS archives to Perforce 
>archives, using either the tool mentioned above or any other method?
>2.  if using the tool from Perforce, is there anything in particular i 
>should look out for?
>3.  does the Perforce conversion tool retain "non-floating" labels?  i 
>assume that when they say "Labelled branches are converted into branched 
>directories", they mean that any branches defined by a floating label are 
>converted to distinct, separate directories in Perforce (which is 
>fine).  but what of non-floating labels?  are they retained?
>4.  i assume again (hopefully correctly) that what is meant by "individual 
>file revisions are grouped as much as possible into Perforce's notion of 
>atomic changes" simply means that PVCS revs are retained in Perforce, 
>given the notion that Perforce may use a different mechanism ("atomic 
>changes") than PVCS.  is this assumption correct?  has anyone that has 
>used the Perforce conversion tool run into any serious problems when 
>converting PVCS revs to Perforce revs?
>that's all for now.
>thx much,
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