[p4] protect and where

Mike Castle mcastle at yy.com
Mon Oct 29 09:40:59 PST 2001

On Sat, Oct 27, 2001 at 05:20:31PM -0400, Stephen Vance wrote:
> What is your client spec?

On the off chance that this was actually affecting anything:

mcastle at wraptor2[9:39am]~/test(526) p4 client -o | grep -v ^#

Client: mcastle-wraptor2-test

Update: 2001/10/29 09:38:46

Access: 2001/10/29 09:38:46

Owner:  mcastle

Host:   wraptor2

        Created by mcastle.

Root:   /home/mcastle/test

Options:        noallwrite noclobber nocompress unlocked nomodtime normdir

LineEnd:        local

        //testarea/... //mcastle-wraptor2-test/testarea/...

And I still get the same output:

mcastle at wraptor2[9:39am]~/test(527) p4 where ...
//testarea/... //mcastle-wraptor2-test/testarea/...  /home/mcastle/test/testarea/...
//testarea/.../foo.c //mcastle-wraptor2-test/testarea/.../foo.c /home/mcastle/test/testarea/.../foo.c
//testarea/main/foo.c //mcastle-wraptor2-test/testarea/main/foo.c /home/mcastle/test/testarea/main/foo.c


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