[p4] File Names with #

Steve Bennett bennett at jmisoftware.com
Mon Oct 29 11:01:44 PST 2001

No.  To quote from the command reference:

"Peforce filenames may not contain unprintable characters, wildcards, nor
the revision-specifying characters @ and #"

It's not spelled out, but I also suspect that Unicode filenames (such as I'm
running into on occation on Mac OS X) should be avoided as well -- I suspect
that if either high or low byte of characters in such filenames matched one
of the disallowed characters, the filename would likewise fail.

If I had to choose just *one* thing in Perforce that I most wanted to be
fixed, it would be the way it handles filenames.  Filenames *ought* to allow
for any character, in any encoding, and any length, independent of any
perforce special characters or the operating system that the perforce server
is running on, and should be version controlled so that rename operations
can be done properly.

This could probably be done by putting the filename as part of each file's
metadata, but it would probably require quite a few changes to the command
line syntax.  But it would solve a *lot* of issues...

-->Steve Bennett

on 10/28/01 6:48 PM, Shah Besharati at shah at morfik.com.au wrote:

Does Perforce handle file names that include # in the name of the file?
  From my experience, it doesn't seem to add such files to the client

Thanks in advance.

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