[p4] renaming a branch?

mzukowski at bco.com mzukowski at bco.com
Mon Oct 29 12:00:42 PST 2001

Can I rename a branch and still have integration work to it's source?

I have a branch of release/6.9 with the source from dev/bosc2.  I want to
rename 6.9 to "prod".  But if I do this by doing an integrate/delete/submit,
will I still be able to integrate those files back into dev/bosc?  

If I remember correctly you can't branch a branch and then put the files
back into the original source, you have to integrate through each branch one
at a time.  Is that true?

The other related question is could I "clone" a branch somehow?  I'd like to
duplicate release/6.9 into another branch, but both from the same source.
There are no changes unique to release/6.9, it's all stuff that has either
been integrated directly from dev/bosc2 or integrated back into dev/bosc2.
But of course dev/bosc2 has changes which we don't want propagated into this
new release, so we can't just branch from dev/bosc2 unless I can figure out
how to filter it with all the changelists that went into release/6.9.


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