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Christopher Hahn christopher.hahn at peregrine.com
Thu Oct 25 18:32:27 PDT 2001

Hello again,

I think that I should add some context.

Why doesn't this version seem to work?

use strict;
use lib "/cm/tools/perl/modules";
use Peregrine::Perforce;

our $port;
our $clistnum;

# Grab params
$clistnum = shift;
$port = shift or $port = "perforce-sd:1666";

print STDOUT "This test message should appear when the submission fails";
print STDOUT "The arguments to this script were $clistnum and $port";


My trigger line is:
chahntest //cm/bamf/... "/usr/local/bin/perl TriggerTest2.pl %changelist%

Running the trigger manually works:
bash-2.03$ /usr/local/bin/perl TriggerTest2.pl 101 
This test message should appear when the submission failsThe arguments to
this script were 101 and perforce-sd:1666

I know that the trigger is not working because I do
not see the output sent to STDOUT in the Perforce pop-up,
and also because changing the return code to 0 causes the
submit to keep on failing when a success code should allow
the submission to complete.

I have placed the script in the main Perforce directory,
where older scripts seem to be working.

Thank you,


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I have read the triggers documentation, and 
understand how I can allow the submission to
succeed or fail via the triggers return code.

...but I wanted to confirm how I might add to the
message that pops-up for the user upon submission

I could swear that I have seen this done, but it
does not appear that either the triggers stdout
nor it's stderr are grabbed by perforce, for display.

(Or maybe my test failed ;-)

Well, I am really looking for more discussion on
triggers.  Has anyone created a wiz-bang trigger,
in Perl, that is publicly available for study?

TIA for your kind attention,


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