[p4] questions about PVCS to Perforce Conversion Tool

Michael.Graff at diversifiedsoftware.com Michael.Graff at diversifiedsoftware.com
Mon Oct 29 16:15:51 PST 2001

When our company converted to Perforce (not from PVCS, but from something
called TLIB), we decided to leave all the old history behind and start
"fresh" in Perforce by just migrating the head revisions from TLIB into

We still have the old TLIB archives around, and we wrote some scripts that
make it easy enough for developers to get the revision history across both
Perforce and TLIB, or to compare a TLIB revision to a Perforce revision.

Part of the concern was that we would probably never get a perfect
migration of all the history and comments, so it was safer to just leave
the TLIB revision history in its place.

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my company is considering converting from PVCS to Perforce.  a key factor
in that decision is how well the PVCS archives can be converted to Perforce

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