[p4] p4 fix doesn't update job?

Nick Barnes Nick.Barnes at pobox.com
Tue Oct 30 00:59:11 PST 2001

At 2001-10-29 21:34:48+0000, Peter Janes writes:
> I'd like a review daemon to be able to recognize jobs that have been changed 
> since it was last run, and "p4 jobs -e 'Modified_Date>={lastrun}'" seems 
> like the way to go... except that the Modified_Date field isn't updated.

The P4DTI had this problem.  The solution is to use "p4 logger".  See
"p4 help undoc".

Nick Barnes
P4DTI Project
Ravenbrook Limited

> I've added a field, "Modified_Date", to the Perforce jobspec, as follows:
> Fields:
>       106 Modified_Date date 20 always
> Presets:
>       Modified_Date $now
> This correctly changes a job's Modified_Date when "p4 job" is run, or when 
> "p4 submit" is run with the job specified in the changelist.  However, if a 
> user runs "p4 fix -c changelist jobname", the Modified_Date field doesn't 
> change.
> The goal here is to allow jobs to be marked fixed "after the fact", e.g. if 
> someone has forgotten to add a job to a changelist, or a job has been fixed 
> by a related changelist.
> Is this a known issue, a design feature, or a misunderstanding on my part? 
> Is there some way to make this work as I'd like, without polling the job 
> list?  (This is probably right out--it would generate an enormous server 
> load, as I'd need to save state and query all of the changelists on each 
> poll.)  I've searched the mailing list and Perforce's website with no 
> luck--perhaps P4DTI does this, but I haven't seen anything that mentions 
> this particular case.
> Thanks for any help or comments,
> Peter J.
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> times to be ignored.
>    --The New Hacker's Dictionary, 3rd ed.
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