[p4] p4 fix doesn't update job?

Peter Janes peterj at liberate.com
Tue Oct 30 07:36:29 PST 2001

Gareth Rees wrote:

> At 16:34 -0500 2001-10-29, Peter Janes wrote:
>> I'd like a review daemon to be able to recognize jobs that have been 
>> changed since it was last run, and "p4 jobs -e 
>> 'Modified_Date>={lastrun}'" seems like the way to go [...] However, if 
>> a user runs "p4 fix -c changelist jobname", the Modified_Date field 
>> doesn't change.


> See "p4 help undoc" for some information about the logger commands. The 
> P4DTI design for using the logger is 
> <http://www.ravenbrook.com/project/p4dti/master/design/replicator/#section-2.6>. 

Thanks, Gareth and Nick, this looks like exactly what I need.  It looks like 
it's graduated to "supported" in 2001.1, as it's shown in "p4 help commands" 
(although I wasn't able to find it in my Perforce website search).

> P.S. Could you say more about how you plan to use the information you 
> get from the log?  It sounds interesting.

It's really just a cheap-o version of P4DTI (which I'm going to try to use 
with our bug tracking software at some point).  We've got different teams 
with different workflows, so at times we have the situation where 
changelists are submitted without fixes, and then are marked after the fact. 
  I can prevent this in some projects with a trigger, but this is a stopgap 
until everyone works the Right Way (or at least the Same Way :).

Peter J.
fix, n., v.  What one does when a problem has been reported too many
times to be ignored.
   --The New Hacker's Dictionary, 3rd ed.

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