[p4] Moving from CVS to Perforce

Todd Short tshort at cisco.com
Wed Oct 31 07:20:17 PST 2001

We have two small groups here, one (us) uses Perforce, and the other uses

The group that uses CVS has apparently been using CVS for several years; I
do not know what version they are using, or what configuration they are
using. I know they have used Solaris, and are moving to Linux.

We have been using Perforce for almost 4 years, and are using the latest
version (2001.1). Some of our group have used CVS before moving to Perforce,
and they have a strong preference towards Perforce.

It appears we may need to combine our development efforts.

We have made a lot of investments in Perforce; we have customized P4DB for
our environment. We have people using Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, and various
flavors of Windows.

I am wondering about the status of the CVS to Perforce comparision; how up
to date is it? I am not all that familiar with CVS to know what has changed.
Looking at the archives, the last major CVS vs. Perforce discussion was in
August of 1999, which was 2 years ago, that is also the date the comparison
was last updated. Have there been any significant changes to CVS since then
(of course, I don't know what version they are running...). 

-Todd Short
// tshort at cisco.com
// "One if by land, two if by sea, three if by the Internet."

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