[p4] Announcing native Emacs 21 VC support for Perforce

Jonathan Kamens jik at curl.com
Sat Jan 5 20:34:12 PST 2002

Executive summary:

  Download these files to add support for Perforce to VC mode in Emacs


More information:

  These files, an alternative to p4.el, make the standard Emacs VC
  (Version Control) commands support Perforce, e.g., for people who
  are familiar with Emacs VC commands and prefer to be able to
  continue to use them rather than learning the completely new set of
  commands provided by p4.el.

  These files will work with the version of VC mode included in Emacs
  21 and with any other Emacs variant which uses the version of VC
  mode included in Emacs 21.  These files will NOT work with the
  version of VC mode included in Emacs 20 or earlier.

  The functionality provided by this VC support is a subset of the
  functionality provided by p4.el.  If you'd like to be able to use
  both the VC Perforce support and p4.el, you can do so by loading
  them both into Emacs and setting p4-do-find-file to nil.  If you do
  this, then you will use VC commands for Perforce operations related
  to individual files but p4.el commands for Perforce operations not
  related to individual files (e.g., "p4 submit", "p4 client", "p4
  user", etc.).

  The file p4-lowlevel.el provides a low-level interface to "p4"
  commands from within Emacs; if you do Emacs programming and might
  benefit from being able to perform Perforce operations in Emacs-lisp
  code, you might find this file useful even if you don't want to use

  Note that I don't work for Perforce and this code is supported and
  maintained by me, not by Perforce.

  Please let me know if you have any questions.  And *please* report
  any bugs you find in this code!

  This code is being released under the GNU General Public License.
  Development of this code was sponsored by my employer, Curl
  Corporation (http://www.curl.com/).  Yes, we use Perforce :-).


Jonathan Kamens

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