[p4] p4 sync hangs forever

Matthew Rice matt at starnix.com
Mon Jan 28 12:41:17 PST 2002

"Russell, Adam" <arussell at genomicsinc.com> writes:
> Yes, putty is the ssh client I tried using on Windows.

ssh wasn't even part of your original posting.  If this has nothing to do
with ssh (no ssh tunnel, no remote logins,...), we should stop talking about
it :)

> I am trying to do a p4 sync from p4win(or the command line `p4`) over my vpn
> connection. By all indications this should just work.

Right.  So I go back to my original suggestion.  When little packets work but
large ones don't, the first thing that I would look at is how your firewall
(or the remote firewall) treats ICMP packets.

If you are both handling them fine, use a tool like mtr(8) to do a traceroute
with a large packet size to see if someone along the way is screwing up.

If you can't get mtr working, try using traceroute(8) to discover the path
and then use ping(8) to each location with a large packet size (like someone
else on the list mentioned).

Good luck,
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