[p4] QUEST-SQL-Navigator "TeamCoding" with Perforce P4SCC.

Oyen, Ralf Ralf.Oyen at tui.de
Wed Jun 2 04:38:10 PDT 2004


I try to use QUEST-SQL-Navigator "TeamCoding" with Perforce P4SCC.
Initial p4-add and submit works, but 'p4 edit' did not work, i got following

8:18:52  Error in SCC (while attempting to get revision  of file
'P4TEST.TESTPROC.PRC' from project 'Perforce Project'): Unable to get
revision from VCS repository.

When i open the file for edit from p4win, the SQL-Navigator detects that the
file is checked out and i can edit this file.

Does anyone know something about these problems?
Has anyone any experience with SQL-Navigator and p4scc?

Any hints welcome.

I use p4scc-Version: 2003.2.0.54310
QUEST SQLNavigator: 4.4


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