[p4] Help with integration

data data64 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 08:31:03 PDT 2004

I am trying to do some basic integration between a
branch and mainline.
We are working on project that recently entered the QA
phase (well, for the first stage anyway). I branched
the code so that bugfixes for issues found during QA
and normal development for outstanding items do not
step on each other.  I am trying to integrate
bug-fixes done in the QA branch back into mainline and
seem to have problems with the basics.

the command I tried is
cd branch_directory
p4 integrate -c 426 -b drop4 -r 'filename#2'

(drop4 branch spec is what I used to do the branch)

It tells me "no such file". However, doing a 
p4 filelog filename shows me the file and the revision
and that it was branched. I tried leaving out the
single quotes and the revision specifier and it still
says "file not found". 

I am probably missing something basic, but I could not
figure out what from reading the manuals. I have not
had to integrations before except for renaming files
so  this is a bit new for me.


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