[p4] Faking a sync.

Martin Donlon martin at treyarch.com
Thu Jun 3 17:04:29 PDT 2004

Ken Rentz wrote:

> Is there any way to tell Perforce that a particular clientspec is actually
> up to date without it downloading all of the files itself?  
> I will occasionally work on small jobs at home.  Since I have a dialup
> connection, and our depots are rather large, it is faster for me to copy the
> files onto a thumbdrive, take them home with me, and then copy them onto my
> home system.  
> If I tell Perforce to use the same clientspec on both machines, everything
> work out OK, but I have to be sure bring all of the modified files with me
> when I go back to work, or things get fairly messed up.  What would be nice
> would be to have a different clientspec at home, yet when I copy the files
> over, convince it that everything is synced up.  Is this possible, or am I
> trying to go outside the system too much?

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